She has always been the black sheep over there. Not out loud, but in silence. She pretended to be someone else, to be like the rest. Yet, in the dark she used to struggle finding herself..! Wherein,her mother knew that her daughter was not to follow the crow, but to accept herself first..!!!! And accepting […]

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Secret souls

It’s time to rejuvenate the old one with lots of mystery. The one with a smile upon the face and the glance of kindness. For, it is necessary to keep many things to ourselves. None can understand us better like we do.

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There were times when I felt nothing but as hollow as a void with an extreme set of vulgar space filled within. I couldn’t breathe or call for help, for the reason was only me..

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Serenity – an implication

‘Serenity.!’ – the state of mind that is built after a period of self refinement. But how is it acquired?Does it make a wake up call to a place with little or no light or does it drag us from there?This is definitely tricky.! Sometimes we really do wish for this call but there are […]

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